Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Again... All done with Maya, long long time ago... um...3d Modeling... miss it badly :(


Carrie Liao said...

your work is incredible. I especially like this one, very appealing (:

i'm going to link you!

KiJeon Nam said...

Hey, May,

Man, looks amazing as always. Do you think you could post how the character is rigged, perhaps even an example of it animated?

And as promised, here is the link to's free 14 day trial. I don't know why the link's not readily available on the main page, but it works, so try it out if you wish.

And this site is an example of free, automated, online translating engines that I was talking about: Sadly, though, Thai doesn't seem to be supported. xP

Sarah said...

Hihihi..i like her a lotttt.Love the story n your creativity in it too. I wish to see the old grandpa again tho.haha

may said...

Thanks carrie/ I like yours as well:)
Thanks key/ I'll post... but how it's rigged is not my work, and I don't have it with me for especially, this character. thanks again for the link:)
Thanks sarah/ I'll let you see HIM again for sure:)

Leanne said...

very cute! ^_^