Friday, July 11, 2008

Hi 5 :)


Nhut Pham said...

Oh man, this is so cool!
I want to learn how to make it! Please teach me! Professor May :)
By the way, upload some of your great animations, too! Can't wait to see more works from you man. I have to push myself more to catch up with you! I'm so lazy heheh :-)

KiJeon Nam said...

Haha, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the hands (after the initial "Geeze, dang good job, May...") was, "Ooh! Ooh! Pick me, teacher, pick me!" =P

On a side note, my registration is tomorrow, and I'm almost decided on signing up for your class. Let me know if something happened and I shouldn't. =)

may said...

Thanks Nick & Key:)
It's done for the class. It's probably to be one of 3 main assignments that they have to turn in...umm... not sure yet, what do you think? Anyway, Key, I think everything would be fine for registration this class because...umm don't know.. I just Feel it.

Carrie Liao said...

wow, those hands look fantastic! (:

btw pardon my ignorance but what class are you going to be teaching? and at csuf??

may said...

Thanks, Carrie,
I'm going to teach 3D Modeling Class in this Fall...right, at CSUF. Haven't signed anything with the faculty yet but Chuck has confirmed that the class is mine 99.7%...( I hope so...)

Carrie Liao said...

wooow how exciting haha. are you the other modeling class? i think there are two? with chuck is teaching one of them... i was debating which one to take but i had no idea you were teaching the other (: good luck with that!

may said...

Thanks, Carrie,
Absolutely, I'm excited...and also nervous. Lack of public speaking in english makes me kind of worry how well I can make it through.
Umm.. I think for this semester,we have only one modeling class by me. Chuck will handle other classes like "An Intro to Maya" and "Maya Animation Class" or else, not sure:)

Good luck to you as well:)

jenfuj said...

this is amazing, THE most realistic looking hand I've ever seen in 3D. usually people can't get the skin texture quite right, but you nailed it!

Chris Silva said...

Hey May,
This hand is looking great and the texturing looking pretty amazing. The connection of the thumb to the hand seems a little off, but that is me being really nit picky. It amazing stuff and I think your students are going to learn a lot. Good luck with all of that.

may said...

Thanks, Jennifer,
Woww:) if you think so....It's still far from perfect but I'm kind of happy about the result for now.

Thanks, Chris,
You're right, It might need some more tweak to make it better. So how are you? I'm sure you'll get a good job in the field of 3D. You've got talent, believe me:)

Have a nice day:D