Monday, May 25, 2009

WIP "Leandro"

The WIP of "Leandro" a muscular lion wearing a tight little bikini... interesting? :) He was inspired by the same story as my first children's book, "The lion and the boar" by Aesop. It seems fun for me to try approaching the story differently so I decided to revise my previous character design. And this time they will become biggger, stronger, and sexier... in 3D :)
Summer is hot, they are hotter. The boar is coming very soon!


Nhut Pham said...

So this is the new work that you talked about! Interesting :)
I still remember your children book. It's really good! Can't wait to see the final models! so I can compare the 2D and 3D version. :)

may said...

Happy birthday and congratulation Nick:) Sorry for missing your party. I'm grad you like it and I'll post more when they're done.