Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good old days:)

For Chuck's animation class, when I was in my first semester at CSUF. It was fun, good people, good comments I like the moment. Thanks again, Chuck and everybody:)


Nhut Pham said...

Finally i can see your tennis animation test again! It's awesome man! BTW, what happened with Chuck he looks younger than before. Did he have a plastic surgery lol :).
Can I ask you one question professor May? How long will it take me to get to this level if I start to learn Maya now?
Thank you!

may said...

Hahaha, he didn't have any secret surgery that what I know:) Maya is a big program. But if you really know what you want and directly aim for it, it won't be too long to get something like I've done.

Nhut Pham said...

I'm glad you bought GH3 man! :)
Let's battle when you're ready okay! GH2 is also very good! You should buy it too lol :D
I'm waiting for GH5, I heard it will be very good!

KiJeon Nam said...

Wow, that is gruesome and creative. xP Haha, good job, May.

Kalvin Luong said...

when are you going to graduate and open up a school or something?!? lol

hey may, hope all is well with you! =)