Friday, September 26, 2008

Let's go to CGSociety :) :)


KiJeon Nam said...

I don't have an account at CGTalk to leave you a comment there, but I'll state here that it looks really cool. This guy looks majorly pissed off. xP Could you also post the wireframe of what you had in Maya for the body of this character? Man, impressive work, May! =)

Howard Cheng said...

I don't have an account at CGTalk either.
The post is great, no wander that you are the professor and i'm the student, haha.
Good job professor May!
I hope some day i can post my good stuff on there.

Nhut Pham said...

Is this the final product, May?
Nice expression and texture! I wish I could be in your class if I have time! :(
BTW, how much do you pay for the account?

may said...

Nick, what account?
If you mean for being a member of cgtalk, it's free... I didn't pay anything. You can just sign up and that's it.

Thanks you guys for all kind words:)

Kalvin Luong said...

wow!! for some reason, i think the red background works much better against baukaw's tan skin tone. plus, red is just an intimidating color in my opinion, so i think it really helps make him look more like a killing machine. i'll post a comment on your cg soon as i can figure out my password. =(

great job on this guy!=D

Catherine J. Cruz said...

great job mae! what are you working on in cliff's class?

willy said...

Hi May! It looks really good. I want be ur student too.