Thursday, December 18, 2008

WIP "THE" swimmer...

The latest WIP from me:))) Actually,this project is completely done (at least, I agree with myself, yeahh...h...) for a while with all texture on, but it might be good to start posting from the early process.
Firstly, I wanted to create a serie of images about Beijing 2008, but... prob..a.bly..., I'd rather do something else instead that umm... let me think... umm .. m.. .
Finally, thanks all of you, the Art355 class:) Hope you got something... beneficial... :D cheers


Catherine J. Cruz said...

hi may! i caught a glimpse of this on our finals in Cliff! unfortunately i wasn't able to really look! lots of our peers were always on that side. :) hope u post the final look here! would be great to see!

happy holidays! keep warm!


Kalvin Luong said...

this looks awesome so far may. it looks a lot like him even though he's not completely fleshed out and textured. don't forget to include those shiny medals too! =P take care!

Nhut Pham said...

Hi May,
It looks cartoony to me! I like it!
I'm going to explore the world of 3D modeling next year! Can you be my online mentor heheh :)! BTW, when will you go back Thailand? I wish you have a good time with family, friends and loved one! And Merry Christmas! =)

may said...

Catherine, I'll post the final for sure. In class, they were secretly paid just for being around the piece haha:)) KD:)

Kalvin, I'm sure all medals will be there. let's see the final. Hopefully, they are enough:)))

Take care and have a super cool(but warm) holiday, cheers

KiJeon Nam said...

Man, May, cool stuff. I want to see him with all the medals, too. Aren't you done with him yet? =P Anyways, good job teaching the modeling class this semester; I know I learned a lot of new stuff... hopefully I will retain all the new knowledge. xP

may said...

Hi Nhut,
I'm leaving on Dec29.
Do u want anything from Thailand? BTW, I'll bring you one, a nice one:)
For 3D stuff, I'll be there when you need help:)
Keep in touch, cheers:)

may said...

Hey Key,
Why you all(you and Nhut)kept posting right after me? Is it a prime time or something?
Thank you too for being my good student:) It might be more difficult for me without you in the class, I appreciate it:)
PS: "I learned a lot of new stuff..." What do you mean by "..."? I may not sleep well with this "..." please help

KiJeon Nam said...

Haha, the "..." in this case could be read as a dramatic pause...? Like a moment of thought. You could replace that with a "hmm" if that helps. =P

Regarding the "Follower" thing. I was going to ask you about it. What the heck is it? I won't be joining some May cult or something by subscribing to it, will I...?

may said... I don't know either... what will happen after you become my "Follower". I've just got it from the Blogger''s legal and probably fun though. If I were not me, I'll try to become my own follower myself.

willy said...

Hi May. So this is the Michael Phelps you were telling me before. Looks great! You really have a lot of knowledge about muscles.
Cya in campus and have a great semester!